Distribution of money to our church partners 



Partnership is not a way for individuals to ask for donations. 

Canon Law 10.7 Why pay dues to the EMMI Membership?

Part of the funds donated does indeed go to help those who are going through hard times. Spiritual leaders have living expenses, and fellowships have operating expenses. Your donation goes towards meeting those expenses. Paying Membership Due is part of your financial commitment to the survivance of the Eric Michel Ministries International, and members are a vital part of the association IAoC. All along the year, from one Symposium (General Assembly) to the next Symposium, usually between January 10 and February 20 of each year, we raise funds for our members in need.

The process is via memberships, training fees, and donations that we accumulate during that time. At the Symposium, the church or para-church that needs help to finance their activities make a request by email or mail to the Board of Elders.

The Board will take the essential demands among the requests received and present them at the Symposium where all the members will vote on which ones (could be more than one) depending on our finance will receive our help.


All Members  have a vote rights

Donation Request Letter for:

On the request we need to see:

To be sent three months before the Symposium at:

Financing Request

Archbishop Eric Gagnon

Eric Michel Ministries International

Ottawa, Ontario. Canada  K1N 5W1

Email: priory@faicl.ca


Please consult our Canon Law for details.