A bivocational or Bi-Vocational Minister or Pastor is a minister with another job in opposition to  Pastors who are employed full-time and are fully dedicated to the "work of the Lord"  and earn a mean annual wage. 

Under the Canon Law 201408 Liturgy 60 Ordination Programs. 

Ordination, Lay Work and Serving Bivocational Ministers. All of us have a vocation. For some of us, that vocation may take on the expression of ordained ministry.  

CL029.3.2 No member of clergy or person holding a lay office of the EMMI Chaplaincy shall be considered a paid employee of the Chaplaincy under any circumstances whatsoever. All who serve the Chaplaincy are voluntary and non-stipendiary. All appointments within the Chaplaincy are made conditionally upon this understanding.

NB: Non-stipendiary ministers are religious ministers who do not receive payment for their services, and who usually have alternative employment which provides monetary income with which they can support themselves. (Eric Michel as a Street Outreach Worker 1993-200)